Rendezvous workspace software users get mobile floorplan booking

A pioneering enhancement to one of the world’s leading workspace technologies mean it’s now even easier for employees to find the right place to work in an instant.

Rendezvous Mobile workspace software by NFS provides leading meeting room and resource scheduling and booking.

And now new floor planning technology gives staff an easy-to-use view so they can quickly find the right meeting space or desk at the right time, even when they’re on the move.

The Rendezvous Mobile Floorplan Module helps them find colleagues, set up collaborative teams, locate AV resources for important client pitches or find a quiet area for intense concentration.

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology, said: “We know agile working is great for both workers and organizations, but to be effective it needs good support in place.

“Rendezvous Mobile’s floorplan technology makes it even simpler for workers to find and book meeting space or hot desks via an app.

“Easy-to-use workspace software encourages them to use collaborative technologies such as video conferencing. So companies lower their travel costs and carbon footprint, and employees discover that their stress levels drop.

“Rendezvous Mobile workspace software benefits organizations around the world as they strive to provide a better working environment for their staff to collaborate and work productively.

“We’ve got a huge commitment to continuously developing Rendezvous to meet changing workplace needs – and we’re delighted to announce this great new enhancement.”


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