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How does Rendezvous create a connected workplace for remote employees?

  • By providing an easy-to-use scheduling platform where mobile workers can find and book the space and desks they need quickly
  • The Rendezvous app enables self-serve access even while they are on the move
  • They can book services and equipment they need, such as VC, in the same transaction
  • Collaboration with colleagues involved with the same activity or project is simpler to organize
  • Outlook integration means meetings can be dragged and dropped into the familiar calendar.

Discover how you can take advantage of workspace transformation

Rendezvous Workspace – supporting your workplace transformation

The modern workplace has changed hugely as work becomes something you do, not somewhere you go. Flexible working improves wellbeing and productivity – but only if it is well-supported by workplace technology that provides:

Resource Scheduling

Video Conference

Visitor Management

Catering Solution


Why your remote employees need connecting

When workers are able to carry out tasks in places ranging from home to coffee shops, the time they spend in their workplace is doubly valuable. Make every minute count by providing all the facilities they need to drop in and get on in a truly connected workplace.

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Rendezvous Mobile

Outlook Integration

RDZ Cloud

API Integrations

Consultative Approach

Helping everyone find the perfect place to get on with work

Easy desk booking

Even before your remote employees come into the office, they can find and book the perfect desk via the Rendezvous app. No more wandering around looking for somewhere to sit

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Meeting room booking

No matter where they are, your remote employees can organise the perfect collaborative meeting via the Rendezvous app, even if attendees are in multiple locations and time zones

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Our industry solutions

Law firms are adopting new ways of working to meet the demands of today’s tech-savvy lawyer who is equally comfortable working from home as they are from a visitor office at the firm.

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Multi-Location Global Law Firm Uses Rendezvous to Manage Meeting Rooms and Catering across Two Sites

What’s more important for a corporate organization than holding great client meetings? Rendezvous is the solution that makes meetings effortlessly perfect every time.

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Law Firm Retains Integrated Meeting Management Technology

Many schools and colleges today maximize resources and generate revenue with a supplementary events business – and Rendezvous is the answer to making it run like clockwork.

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The University of Toledo Deploys Room Booking Technology from NFS

Rendezvous is designed to help healthcare organizations drive efficiency, keep costs down and to foster an environment where patients receive the optimum care.

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Major Health Trust moves to desk booking with Rendezvous

Many public sector organizations and government departments are looking for ways to make sure they are utilizing their property portfolio to get the bang for their real estate buck.

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Cardiff Castle and Cardiff City Hall:


What our clients say

”When staff walk into a room sensors turn equipment on and instructions appears on the main screen alerting attendees how to project a laptop onto the screen wirelessly or physically plugged in. Equipment will automatically shut down when the meeting ends.”

Kevin Wertlieb,

Senior Unified Communications Engineer, DLA Piper